Friday, October 5, 2012

Great Giveaway at Sour Apple Studio DIY

Hey Guys,

  Lindsey from Sour Apple Studio was a science teacher and is now a full time web designer!! (I think it is amazing - a.that I found another science teacher/web designer (I'm not the only one out there!) and b. that she is now able to do web design full time!!! (It gives me hope I can do this at least part time after I finish grad. school until I can find a teaching position.)) She is having an amazing giveaway, which I entered, because let's face it I haven't been very quick about trying to improve my blog's looks lately have I? (Hint: The answer to that is no.) Her giveaway is an amazing product - DIY blog design!! Please go check out her site and enter the giveaway. You have until 11 pm PST on Monday, October 8th to enter. You can also snag one of her designs for only $59!! What a great price!!


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