Friday, October 5, 2012

Best School Memory

I really wanted to participate in the Fall Back Into Blogging event with The SITS Girls, but just didn't get around to it so I will be posting my responses to those topics over the next little bit. Day one was entitled, "Best School Memory".
    My best school memories I think are the majority of my senior year of high school. After being in school together for at least 4 years together (I was a part of this class for 5 - 8th grade to 12th grade.) it seemed like senior year we all really grew up, got over all of our petty differences and started acting like a cohesive, "loving" class. We started doing things together - a great turn out for our class homecoming float and accompanying activities, school/class spirit, getting together to do things (parties, birthdays, senior skip day), and graduation and all the accompanying activities and festivities. It was really sad our last full day of high school knowing that we may never see some of these people ever again, and others we would see on a regular basis, at least until we (I) move out of my hometown.

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