Wednesday, October 3, 2012



Today I wanted to talk to y'all about aquariums or fish tanks. I have had fish tanks for the majority of my life and have recently (in the past year) gotten back into fish keeping. I started with the 12 gallon tank that my husband bought for me while we were still dating and stocked it with four danios, a pleco, a blue/dwarf gourami, and most recently a male halfmoon betta. (Currently, the aquarium contains four danios, the gourami, and the betta.) A couple of weeks ago a friend and colleague of mine sold us her 30 gallon tank and stand. We strongly considered setting this one up for saltwater, which was what it was being used for, but chickened out at the last minute. So our 30 gallon tank is currently home to two ghost shrimp (one died), three Glofish electric green tetras, and a pleco. I don't think the pleco is going to make it. He has been acting funny today. I really didn't want a pleco in the first place because I have had horrible luck with them in the past. Although, I don't know what other bottom feeders would be better. I want to eventually work our way up into a reef+fish tank, but I think that will be awhile. I chicken out EVERYTIME (so far). I'm afraid to invest serious money into fish and equipment right now and have a $50 fish or a tank full of $50 fish die! That would be a huge hit right now. Do you keep any fish? Freshwater or saltwater? What are your suggestions for a 30 gallon community tank(FW) and starter saltwater tanks (sizes and fish suggestions)?

I really look forward to your comments on this!
*Update: 10/5/12 The pleco died yesterday. But here is a picture of my tank currently! Hopefully, tomorrow we will see about picking up some more fish for it. (Guppies I think!)

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