Thursday, September 6, 2012

Goodbye Samsung Galaxy...Hello iPhone 4S!

       We switched from AT&T cell service with iPhone 4S's about this time last year to Cell South (now Cspire Wireless). As a result, we received two promo Samsung Galaxy's, which according to all of my non-iPhone friends was absolutely amazing because it was an Android device and all Android devices are supremely better than measly Apple products. I loved my Samsung Galaxy for all of three months, until November of 2011 when Cspire got the iPhone 4S, which I promptly bought for my husband for our anniversary because his Galaxy did crazy things on a regular basis. Shortly after this my Galaxy proceeded to do all kinds of crazy things: powering off, vibrating for no reason, never receiving notifications of phone calls, texts, or voice mails with full service at the time, opening the home menu on its own, freezing daily (requiring battery removal each time), etc. I could go on and on about the wonders of my Samsung Galaxy, but I will refrain. I will tell you I ended up with a couple replacements which did the same thing. A couple of days ago we hit our year anniversary with Cspire and as a result I could purchase a new phone for a discounted device replacement fee of $150 (down from like $350 if you try to get a new phone less than a year from signing up), plus the price of the phone. I was told by all of my iPhone friends to wait for both the upcoming 4G Network and the mysterious new iPhone, which I was planning on doing probably around the end of September, however, I ended up missing my morning alarm, several phone calls, texts, and voicemails and woke up in a panic, because 1. I was waking up WAY to late, and 2. I didn't receive a phone call I was expecting (which had been made 4 times to me + a voicemail). I check my phone which appears to be fine until I notice it is frozen on 10:54 PM the night before and I can't unlock it without taking out the battery. So after getting through my morning routine in a rush (I was already late anyway. What did it matter?) I went to the Cspire store and waited for over an hour to get my iPhone 4S in white this time. When we were with AT&T I had a black iPhone 4 and my iPad is black but lives in it's amazing Griffin case so it's safe from my abuse (i.e. dropping it, falling off the couch, bed, etc). My previous iPhone was housed in a Otterbox Defender case, which I thought was bulky and sticky (a magnet to dirt and dust and dog hair).  So even though a new iPhone is coming out VERY soon, so we are led to believe - I am just as happy about having my white iPhone 4S and not my Galaxy. Although, the Passbook update is going to be sooo cool!!
      Although, I basically said all of that to tell you about this amazing shop I found on Etsy MonogramFrenzy based in New Orleans, LA (I picked this one over other stores based on the "close" proximity. Support your local small businesses!) and because I can get an amazing, custom iPhone case with my favorite - Fleur De Lis!!! I can't show you the exact design I'm getting because it's a custom design of two designs that I fell in love with on the MonogramFrenzy site. I decided to try using just a minimal plastic case for my iPhone this time and see how it goes. My Galaxy survived every abuse I threw at it, but its own problems I couldn't handle. Although, I think the iPhone is less sturdy, but my husband has done well with his without a case for almost a year, except for the one in his accident which got bent, but was replaced for only $50 with Applecare!! (Get the Applecare people, it's worth every penny!!!)

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